29 January, 2012

Unrealism exhibition photos and sketches.

Following on from my earlier post with the footage from the Unrealism exhibition, I dug up some photos from the opening night, 30th June 1993.
I remember this night as also being the first time I was interviewed for radio. I have an audio tape of that somewhere. Maybe one day I'll be able to digitise that too.
Thanks to Stuart Hale, one of the exhibition curators, I've been given the name of the fellow I couldn't remember before who was part of the Cyberspace gallery where the show was put on – David Lawford. These photos have reminded me that Brendan Boyd was also one of the organisers of the show.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photographs/scans.

Michael Michalandos and I proudly in front of some work from Greener Pastures #1. Yes, that's four Cerebus badges and five Astro Boy badges that I'm wearing on my denim jacket! And yes, that is a ponytail I'm sporting.
Also in this photo are partly obscured art from the brilliant Clint Curé (left) and brilliant Gerard Ashworth (right).

Stuart Hale prepares to give a welcoming speech. In the crowd you might spot David Lawford, Doug Bayne, Tim Danko, my beautiful then-fiancé now-wife Anne-Maree, Paul Rebec, and David James.

Brendan Boyd also had some words of welcome, with Stuart Hale standing by.
Art on the walls belongs to Jason Paulos, Clint Curé, Tim McEwen, Gerard Ashworth and Sam Young, as well as another I can't place.

A bit of on-the-spot drawing. I'm not sure what the date of this was, but it probably wasn't opening night. I have a feeling it was the 3rd of July.
At the table, besides the few kids, is Gerard Ashworth, David James, Tim McEwen, a fellow I'm not sure of, and Brendan Boyd.
From what I can tell, there's art on the walls in the background by Jozef Szekeres, Clint Curé, Tim McEwen and Gerard Ashworth. The other stuff I can't quite make out. Feel free to fill in the gaps in the comments.

More drawing! At the table, amongst others, are Trudy Cooper, Doug Bayne, Gerard Ashworth and David James.

My famous sketchbook collection had already been started by this time, and here are some pages from it, some from opening night, some from after, all done on A6.

Peter Galmés.

Dave Owen.

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