02 January, 2012

Progress Report 001

Although it's been a while between updates here, rest assured that we are working on the new Greener Pastures story. I guess at this point I'll let you know that the working title for the project is Greener Pastures: The End, and until we settle on something more concrete and suitable, that's how I'll refer to it here.

So what have we been doing on GP:TE? The photo above answers that: writing, scripting, working out what we're going to do to and with Trevor and his cohorts. That photo shows The five part story as it currently stands in its first draft. I reckon we'll do at least one more draft before I start drawing actual pages and then continue to refine the script as we go from that point on too. This year, 2012, will see a lot of progress I'm sure. Stick around and check in here often to see it happening.


  1. Welcome news, though I can't help thinking that a short "Greener Pastures: The Beginning" would go nicely in that new upcoming anthology :).

  2. Cool! Can't wait to see some art and pages up here !

  3. Thanks Ian and Craig!

    Ian, I certainly considered contributing to Beginnings, but I couldn't commit to the deadline. Anyway, Trevor's origin is plainly laid out in Greener Pastures #1. (Or iiisss iiit..?)

    Craig, I'm loving seeing your stuff on http://intothedeepdarkwoods.blogspot.com/ So great you're doing comics. They've got a real European feel to them. Can't wait for a collected edition (!) so I can really read them as a story.