17 January, 2012

More on Theseus…

The last character study I posted here was of Theseus, who I said was a new character being introduced in Greener Pastures: The End. That's really only half true, as a fellow by the name of Theseus was the main character in Greener Pastures #7.5, and this is may be him again, or may be another aspect of him. Or maybe it's not him at all. It's hard to tell really. Our 'new' Theseus is certainly derived from the one that appeared in #7.5, at least visually, and perhaps thematically as well.

Anyway, here are a couple more Theseus sketches that I've done relating to GP:TE. They were done on a whiteboard and photographed as I was toying with some clothing design.

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