12 January, 2012

GP TV. Ep01.

I have a collection of (I think) every time Greener Pastures has ever appeared on TV. The following story from a July 1993 episode of Good Morning Australia is the first time images from Greener Pastures were ever broadcast. They really only flash up for a moment and don't actually appear until about three minutes 21 seconds into the piece, but the whole five and a half minute clip is definitely worth watching from an historical point of view anyway.

The story covers the Unrealism Exhibition which showed in the Sydney suburb of Glebe in early July 1993. It was organised primarily by cartoonist Stuart Hale and another fellow whose name I can't remember (though he does appear briefly at about the 1:15 mark). A couple of pages of Greener Pastures #1 featured in the exhibition before that issue had even been printed.

Unfortunately it looks like some footage is missing from the beginning of the story and a little cut off from the end.

Cartoonists interviewed:
Sam Young

Cartoonists also filmed:
Paul Rebec
Gerard Ashwood

Cartoonists work also shown:
Bodine Amerikah
Bill Flowers
Tim McEwen
Glen Lumsden

Cartoonists and/or their work I can't recognise or can't remember also appear. My apologies for any omissions.
Reported by Susie Elelman
Hosted by Bert Newton
Aired July 1993
On Channel 10


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tim! Does this mean that Bert has an original Ashworth in his private collection somewhere? The mind boggles. Wonder if it gave him a taste for the rest of Gerard's work?

  2. No worries Adam. I have more where that came from if I can dig them out of the garage.
    And I _guess_ Bert kept the art. I certainly would have thought that it was a keeper. And I think that boggling minds is what both Bert and Gerard do best.