18 February, 2013

What I Watched Last Month…

What I watched in… 
August 2012

Paul (on DVD) 
I have a feeling this is not really my kind of humour. I found it disappointing really. It had some elements The Big Bang Theory, but on steroids, and while I don't mind that TV show, a film needs to do something more than what we see on TBBT. All in all there wasn't anything innovative in this. A little too predictable and silly for me too. A comedy has to really work harder to keep me enjoying it. 

The Descendants (on DVD) 
This was nice and reasonably enjoyable with good performances all around but I didn't find the story interesting enough, or compellingly enough told. 

The Amazing Spider-Man (at the movies) 
Because I had free tickets that I didn't want to see go to waste (and because my initial viewing was interrupted) I watched this a second time and I found it very hard going, only being saved by the performances of Garfield and Stone (as Parker and Stacey) and the action sequences. I certainly wasn't blown away the first time I watched it, but with this viewing the first half was really boring and tedious. I was also less impressed with the computer animation and effects seeing their failings a lot more clearly. My only hope is that now that they've got the obligatory origin story out of the way they might actually make an interesting and exciting movie for the inevitable sequel. 

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