21 February, 2013

Behind the scenes at Cheez TV

In the latest episode of GPTV I uploaded a video of the first time Michael and I brought Greener Pastures to Channel 10's morning cartoon show Cheez TV. Here's some behind the scenes photos from that fun shoot… 

Michael and Tim getting the star treatment in the make-up chairs. 
"What do you mean my forehead is shiny!" 

Most of the crew in on planning what and how we're going to shoot. As you can tell from the video, the whole thing is pretty much ad libbed. 
"Just draw a damn picture McEwen!"

Here we are getting to know Ryan and Jade while waiting to start taping. A couple of top blokes honestly excited to have us there. 

Setting up the time lapse drawing shot. 

Jade, absolutely enthralled by what Tim has to say. 
"Comics! I draw comics GOOD!" 

Team photo! We had an awesome time that fine day in 1996 shooting Cheez TV, and it shows on all our faces. 

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