24 February, 2013

What I Read Last Month…

What I read in… 
September 2012
This Is Not Your Mini Comic…
by Pat Grant.
A heartfelt start to the latest iteration of The Mini Comic of the Month Club

Superman: Earth One. Volume 1
by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis, et al. 
Despite the sweeping brief of retelling and somewhat updating and modernising Superman's origin story I found this quite bland, both in the plot and the art. 

Mad Bonaz 4 Lyfe, Good and Beach Balloon
by Andrew Fulton. 
Another batch of Fulton comics that didn't disappoint and certainly did delight. Full reviews over on the Australian Comics Journal site here, here and here

I Will Beat You at Mario Cart and You Will Cry
by Ive Sorocuk, Andrew Fulton, and numerous other brilliant Aussies. 
A fabulously fun little mini that grew out of an equally fun little rivalry between Ive Sorocuk and Andrew Fulton about who was the better player of Mario Kart. Numerous fabulous Australian cartoonists added their voice to choruses of #teamive and #teamandrew, but the winner here is surely #teamcomics. Great fun! 

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