21 January, 2013

Supanova Brisbane 2012

I know it takes me forever to get around to posting these – what I loosely term photo essays – but better late than never, right? With my work for the next Supanova tour already beginning, it seems like the right time to finally post the first of the two cities we hit late last year during what I like to refer to as Supanovember… Brisbane!

Full disclosure: I'm one of the founders of Supanova, art direct it, and have a financial stake in the business. 

For me the weekend started with an awesome ComicBook MasterClass presented by the amazing veteran comics writer and artist Howard Chaykin. There's no doubt that all present were blown away as one comic making gem of information after the other was dropped by Mr. Chaykin. Let me tell you though, what a joy he was to photograph, even by an amateur like me. So! There's going to be lots of shots of Mr. Chaykin gesticulating and pulling the most amazing faces as he rammed home one point after the other with no bullshit but plenty of profanity. A really great experience. 

Artists' Alley was chokkas with interested punters! 

Along this line of fabulous talent is Samantha Calcraft, Mel Stringer, Benjamin Constantine, Glenn Manders, Cam-El manning the Phatsville tables, and way in the back Cameron Davis

From closest to camera here we have international guest Michelle Delecki, the always sexy Paul Abstruse, Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz, Leonard Bermingham, and the thorn between two roses at the end is Paul Mason, with Sarah Ellen on his right. 

Speaking of Paul (The Soldier Legacy) Mason, here's a panel he was on with the amazing James (The Deep) Brouwer, as hosted by David (Q-Dog) Quinn

Paul knows the score, and he's telling you what it is! 

Here's some more Chaykin goodness, and in this instalment he's giving David Yardin what-for! Looks like David's holding his own though. Not an easy thing to do. Further along the table is Tristan Jones and in the background (back to us), James Brouwer. 

While we're on the subject of Yardin and Jones, here's a regular occurrence at Supanova: The Artists' Draw-Off, this time featuring Yardin, Jones and Shane (Superman: Earth 1) Davis, hosted by Q-Dog and videoed by Supanova's Technical Director Bruce Moyle

A couple of shots from the exhibitor floor…

John Di Maggio and Billy West were a huge hit. John's known for Futurama, Adventure Time, Kim Possible and Batman: Brave & the Bold, While Billy's known for The Ren & Stimpy Show and Futurama as well. They packed out the auditorium to standing room only two days in a row! 

Most importantly from this trip: quite the hefty haul! Now if only I had time to read them all before the next set of Supanovas! 


  1. Let us know what My Sister's Voice is like! I wanted to get that but ran out of cash.