14 January, 2013

GP TV. Ep04.

Ahhh, the familiar strains of the Cheez TV theme song… for so many of us it's a tune we'll never forget. Here, from way back in 1996, is the first time Michael and I were lucky enough to be guests of the show. It was the beginning of quite a long relationship and many appearances. I really loved working with Cheez TV whenever the opportunity arose and in the following years many did, either implemented by us or the Cheez TV producers. 

With our attendance at Kings Comics' OzCon 5 convention coming up soon we thought we'd see if we could drum up some publicity for ourselves, especially considering Greener Pastures had been nominated for five OzCon Awards that year (Favourite Title, Favourite Character, Favourite Artist, Favourite Writer and Favourite Cover (#4)), and so we contacted Channel 10 and tried our luck. They were keen as!

Look at how young Jade and Ryan were at the time! I think this was during their first 12 months on air. I believe Jade was truly excited to have comic book people in the studio and he was always welcoming and genuinely interested in chatting to Michael and me all the way until 2002 when I was on for the last time. Ryan, here and always, was pretty much joyously off the rails. 

Cartoons shown this particular morning were: Eek! The Cat; The Adventures of T-Rex; and Conan The Adventurer. 

Hosted by Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin. 
Aired 7:00-8:30am, Wednesday, 21st February, 1996. 
On Channel 10. 

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