15 October, 2012

Supanova Perth 2012

One week after Supanova Sydney (which you can find photos of here) was of course Supanova Perth. Another huge show, breaking Perth's attendance record once again with 21,100 happy attendees. Combined with the previous weekend's Sydney expo Supanova was nudging nearly 50,000 people over the two weekends!

I hadn't been to a Perth Supanova for a few years, so I was really glad to finally be back. Once again, since I'm working most of the time, it's hard to get a lot of photos, but I'll share a few that I do have. 

Full disclosure: I'm one of the founders of Supanova, art direct it, and have a financial stake in the business. 

After the opening ceremony on Friday night, a bunch of us retired for dinner somewhere very nice. Here you can see Tom Taylor, Q-Dog, one of our wonderful MCs from Cool [Shite] on the Tube, Justin Randall, and our fabbo comics guest helper Royd Burgoyne

Three shots stitched together to show the crowd of eager fans waiting to get the go ahead to invade the exhibitor floor. Of course, this was just the lot that were able to get into the holding area inside – lines were out the door and down the road!

The exhibitor floor on Saturday arvo. 

Artists' Alley crowds on Saturday morning.

Some more crowds in one of the other areas of the exhibitor floor. 

As always, we had some stellar comic book guests, and a bunch of nice fellers they were too! Here we see, from closest to camera to furthest, Ashley Wood, David Mack, Jim Cheung, and Tony Moore

Three of our guests had a draw-off during one of the panels. From closest to camera to furthest, Australia's own David Yardin, Peter Nguyen and Jim Cheung, all drawing the mighty Thor. 

Something Jim drew must of made them laugh! What are you up to Jim?!?

Gestalt Comics were exhibiting their wonderful comics…

… and also gave an informative panel. Here you see publisher Wolfgang Bylsma, writer Tom Taylor and artist Emily Smith

Ashley Wood, one of Perth's favourite sons, also gave a Q&A panel. 

Saturday night means Cocktail Party! Here I am with my date, daughter Annabelle. 

Me, Belle and one of our wonderful Guest Services people Mark. (As usual, that's coke in my glass.)

Sunday crowds in Artists' Alley continued to be strong. I had a ball selling Tides of Hope comics and doing caricatures for punters. 

And all too soon it was all over. Thanks Claremont Showgrounds!

Sunday night is traditionally the recording of a special Cool [Shite] on the Tube Supanova podcast, and traditionally a night where no holds are barred and I blush a heck of a lot. Q-Dog holds court, and the microphone, and in the first of these two photos are the Gestalt crew, while in the second Tony Moore gets something off his chest. CSotT's Bruce Moyle turning the dials, bathed in the cool glow of his Macbook. 

Monday was an amazing day. Royd organised for a boat trip down the Swan River to Fremantle. Jim Cheung and Tom Tayor can be seen in the cabin here. 

David Mack could not contain his excitement being out in the fresh air and was climbing all over the boat. 

This is not a staged reaction shot. This was everybody's faces watching David do nautical gymnastics. 

Dolphins swam and played around the boat quite a bit. They must has smelled the sheer creative talent on board and wanted to show off! Or maybe they were just trying to match David Mack's antics!

We ate at Little Creatures Brewery, as you do…

I had dessert for lunch, as you do… 

And then we all went climbing a giant spider-web, as you do. 
That's Tom Taylor with Annabelle. 

The talented and gracious Jim Cheung drew in my sketch book on the way back to Perth. What a beautiful drawing of Thor he did!

While in the living quarters Christopher Paolini (right) was spilling some secrets about his work to Matthew Reilly (left) and Tom Taylor. 

Later that evening, back on dry land, David Mack got down to the serious business of completing some commissions, as Belle watched, enthralled. 

Tuesday morning was our last brekky in Perth, and it was the breakfast of champions, including Tea & Toast. 

Thanks Perth! So glad I was able to come back again at last!


  1. Haha I'd seen a pic of David Mack being spiderman on the ferry but I didn't realise how far up he was!
    Looks like you had an amazing time, I need to get over to Perth one of these days!

    1. Perth's a good show! The punters are loving it and coming in greater and greater numbers every year. So glad Supanova chose to make the effort to give the west coast some nerd-love. :)