05 October, 2012

Greener Pastures in New Zealand

I recently uploaded a video clip of Greener Pastures' travels to New Zealand to attend IcoNZ 2 in 1995, and I thought I'd follow up with a few photos from the same trip. 

Those New Zealanders sure know how to make visiting comic creators feel welcome! Thank you kiwi comic making brothers and sisters! 

Here's Michael and I at our table at IcoNZ 2. This is one of the weirdest photos of us I have ever seen (and believe me, in our time we've taken a few weird ones on purpose!). It looks like my trunk has been disconnected from my pelvis and like Mike's legs have been bathed in a shrinking ray! 

Samuel joined us on this trip, and here he is visiting our IcoNZ 2 table. He and I are wearing matching Greener Pastures woollens – a cardigan and a jumper both knitted by my wonderful wife Bongo. He wasn't even one yet and he already looks embarrassed to be seen with me. 

1 comment:

  1. NZ! Yes this place rocks. Snow still on the mountains but its warm. With the odd cold snap. Going to the East Coast tomorrow - might see if I can find a comic shop in Napier and get some goodies!!!

    Great pics! Time flies. Your kids are a bit bigger now!