29 August, 2012

Progress Report 002

Just a real quick progress report update. The picture below has two scripts: Greener Pastures: The End draft one on the left, and the newly minted draft two on the right. There's still things to do on the raw script, but with draft two now written I'm going to start thumbnailing this bugger. The work on the script and story from this point on will have a lot to do with how things are visually hitting the page, how their pacing reads, what their importance in the overall story is, etc. We'll have a much clearer idea of how effective scenes are, both within themselves and in the larger framework once there's a visual working document.

So how big is the story? At last estimate I think we're looking at 270+ comic pages, but let's see what happens when I actually take a crack at the first version of the thumbnails – that could change a lot, in either direction. In any case, I'll start playing with visual motifs and themes, pacing and layout, and probably even start a lot of the new characters' designs in this process. It's daunting and exciting.

By the way, just because I'm calling this version of the script "draft two" doesn't mean that there hasn't already been heaps of work put into it. Michael's been slaving over it to make it as finished as possible before handing it too me, reworking a lot of dialog and having another look at a lot of the scenes. I have to say, even though I've read it a number of times, the final scenes still bring a lump to my throat. 


  1. How are you planning to publish the comic, and is this affecting the writing? Self-published, pitch it round to the publishers, webcomic, monthlies or a one-shot graphic novel?

  2. That's a great question JM. One which we discussed over lunch just last week. One which we still don't exactly know the answer to. And one I suspect will continue to have an evolving and changing answer as the creation of the book continues.
    I'm not letting it affect the way were are creating the book. We are still basically creating it in the same format as we always have: b&w, formatted to the size of print production.
    In both Michael and my minds the ultimate goal is to have a single paper trade paperback. It's actually being written to be such – not written as single issue floppies. We'd like a couple of companion TPBs too: one of the original run of the series and one of all the other shorts and bits & pieces associated with GP.
    Regardless of that though, with what is likely to be a production period of a number of years, we are looking at a few ways to get it out there in stages. That includes looking at digital delivery both through handheld devices and web-delivery, as well as perhaps producing an 'annual' of what's been finished in the preceding year.
    To be honest, until I have enough pages completed to make it a worthwhile read it's very much in the back of my mind, not the forefront.
    As to who's publishing it? That's up in the air right now too. We can self-publish, but we're happy to (and likely to) talk to publishers once we have enough pages to show. We'll see.