12 September, 2012

Supanova Sydney 2012

I thought I'd post a few pictures from last June's Sydney Supanova which marked the 10th anniversary of the event in the city where it all started. 

It was a great weekend, with our biggest turnout ever! As such, it was a pretty busy weekend for me and I didn't get to take many photos during opening hours, but I'll share a few that I do have. 

How busy was it..?
The Artists' Ally list was the longest at Supanova ever.
The exhibitor list was the longest at Supanova ever.
The Supa-Star guest list was the longest at Supanova ever.
Sunday was the biggest Supanova Sunday ever.
Saturday was the biggest Supanova DAY ever.
The weekend was the biggest Supanova ever, with 28,400 fans, nerds, geeks, collectors and aficionados in attendance! 

It was awesome.

Full disclosure: I'm one of the founders of Supanova, art direct it, and have a financial stake in the business. 

 Friday night, and it all begins…

 Friday night is Preview Night for weekend pass holders, and at the Opening Ceremony there was a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday' in honour of Supanova's 1oth anniversary. 
Many of our guests were on stage there, and so was Supanova Actual Daniel Zachariou. 

Friday night also saw a comic book masterclass given to an attentive audience by the erudite and articulate, as well as incredibly talented, David Mack.

Saturday morning found Sydney under a slightly drizzly sky, and so Supanova allowed the masses of crowds to wait in a 'holding bay' instead of outside in the rain. I stitched three photos together to show the enormity of the numbers. Can you count all the Pikachu onesies?!?

We had some wonderful comic book guests. In these two shots, from left to right, there's Kara and Tony Moore, Jim Cheung, David Mack and Nicola Scott

Speaking of comic book artists, Artists' Alley was huge. Here's a shot of one of the three packed AAs.

 Three photos stitched together for this panoramic view of the exhibitor floor. 

 Some of the wonderful crowd. 

And some more. 

 While an enormous and enthusiastic audience listened to Christopher (Back to the Future, Addams Family, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) Lloyd

  …my daughter was lucky enough to hang out with the lovely Hex (Stephanie Bendixsen) from Good Game!

Thanks for turning on the beautiful Sydney weather for Sunday, Olympic Park! 
See ya next year! 


  1. Wow. Massive day and huge crowds. Artist alley jammed. ! Looks like a successful con!

    1. It was great! So exciting! Some fabulous new additions to Australian comics in Artists' Alley too. Strength to strength!

  2. I was at that MasterClass! And from the angle of those shots, I was probably sitting a few seats away from you...

    1. Hah! You probably heard me snapping away then. I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing (working) but I wanted a few photos for posterity. I took a lot of pics to get a few OK ones. :P

  3. Hey, I love your work! I just dug out my dads old collection of comics again, I read them when I was younger but I decided to go them again. He has 10 boxes full of them & one of them was just full of Aussie comics, I found the Aussie comics had a lot more humour & creativity about them. I have to say Greener Pastures was definitely my favourite, followed closely by 2 other Australian comic series, Assassin Zero & Harbutt the Hippo. Just wanted to say it was an amazing read & I'm a huge fan. (he also has the first issue signed by you :p) Thanks :-)

  4. Hi Blas. Thanks mate – feed back like this is always appreciated and helps fuel future work. Your dad is a clever man: not only did he buy some brilliant Australian comics all those years ago, but he still has them too! :)