21 May, 2012


Here's a picture I drew a few months ago for one of the OzComics Weekly Drawing Challenges. The theme was mythology and I had some time on my hands so of course I drew a minotaur. I hasten to add that this is NOT Trevor, nor is it based on a scene from he up-coming Greener Pastures graphic novel, but maybe it's what Trevor might have been in another life or universe. 

One interesting aspect about this is that it was drawn entirely digitally, from the 'pencil' sketch all the way through to 'inks'. It's not a luxury I often get since I don't own a Wacom Cintiq (a pressure sensitive screen that can be drawn directly onto/into) and I find too much of a disconnect between the screen and a normal digitising tablet. 

It was great fun to riff on Trevor with no restraints and no real end goal in mind other than making a really exciting and vicious looking minotaur. 

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