10 March, 2012

What I Read Last Month…

November 2011

Although I also have the black and white collection of this story in the original French language, right now I'm going to write about this colour English translation.
I was very keen to check this out, as I'm always keen to see Colin Wilson's work for the European market. Wilson's art is unsurprisingly great throughout; slick and assured. It seems to me there's a slightly more flamboyant use of the brush here than what I've been seeing in his Star Wars work of late, and even with his pen linework too, which are appreciated for the extra life they bring to the pages. Unfortunately I had a few problems with the colouring and lettering. The former having too many instances of showboating and overpowering the drawing, the latter being clumsy and a notch below professional level too often.
I hear this book has been optioned to become a movie as a Sylvester Stallone vehicle, which is great news for the creators. I kind of feel the story may be more suited to that medium too.

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